Don Cheadle Fronts Emmy Magazine

Posted Monday December 16, 2013 6:18 PM GMT

He's gearing up for the third season premiere of "House of Lies" and during promotions, Don Cheadle scored the cover spot of Emmy magazine.

During his sit down with the publication, the "Iron Man" star shared details about his Showtime series and chatted about his saxophone skills.

Highlights from Mr. Cheadle are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Emmy magazine!

On his character in "House of Lies":
"We'll get people looking at the show [for the first time] going, 'It's great. I didn't know about it. I hear very few people who go, 'I hate it.' This year is really about Marty dealing with the wreckage of his past behavior and trying to repair relationships, both professional and personal, especially with Jeannie. He's trying to somehow put his world back together. It always takes me a minute to kind of find him again. He's not at ease with himself. So when I start feeling really uncomfortable with him, I go, 'That's it. That's exactly where I'm supposed to be.'"

On his love for jazz:
"I have a really good ear, so I could hear everything and fake my way through a lot of stuff. But to do it for real - I knew the discipline and commitment required to be the kind of musician I wanted to be, and I just knew I wasn't going to put in that work. I wanted to have too much fun, you know?"

On his audition for the film "Moving Violations":
"I told Debbie [Allen], 'I can't do this, so I'm gonna bounce. I got halfway down the driveway and she came running and said, 'You can't quit. I'm not gonna let you.' She said, 'Don't ever say you can't do something! Do you think I would've gotten as far as I have if I did? When they asked me if I could choreograph the Oscars, inside I was like, Holy s**t! But I said yes and then figured it out.' She was like, 'Put your feet to the fire and figure it out.'"

Photo Credit: Scott Council for Emmy

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