DMX is Arrested for Driving Without a License Again

Posted Thursday February 14, 2013 1:30 AM GMT

After facing several charges of driving without a license in 2011, DMX was arrested on Wednesday (February 13) on the same charge. This time, his 5-year-old daughter was reportedly in the car.

According to law enforcement, the 42-year-old rapper was booked at the Spartanburg County jail in South Carolina around 2 a.m. A few hours later, he appeared before a judge, paid his fine, and was released.

Speaking to a local Fox station, the "Party Up" spitter recounted, " They watched me at the gas station and get in the car. They followed me around the corner, pulled me over, put the cuffs on me, and brought me here. I paid the money, when I could have just paid the money right there on the spot. Basically it was just five hours wasted for nothing. I don't have a court date or a court appearance."

Since 1998, his brushes with the law include driving under the influence, impersonating a federal agent, criminal possession of a weapon, drug possession, animal cruelty, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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