Dianna Agron Gets Revenge in Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” Video: Watch Here!

Posted Saturday August 2, 2014 1:25 PM GMT

There’s nothing like the pain of being cheated on, and Dianna Agron expertly captures the mood in Sam Smith’s music video for “I’m Not the Only One.”

In the clip, the “Glee” goddess plays a loyal housewife to Chris Messina’s adulterous husband character while Smith croons the bitter lyrics overtop a smooth jazz progression.

And once Messina leaves the house for the day, Dianna snags some wine and plenty of lighter fluid to exact her revenge.

While Chris gets his freak on with another woman, Agron sets fire to all of his clothes in the back yard, vacillating between rage and a feeling of accomplishment.

Check the video below!


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