Denise Richards' White Hot GMA Appearance

Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012 2:47 PM GMT

The morning after attending "Madea's Witness Protection" Premiere with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen in New York City, Denise Richards made a promotional appearance on "Good Morning America" in NYC on Tuesday (June 25).

The former reality t.v. star looked stunning a layer white dress and colorful heels as she greeted fans before sitting down with GMA's Robin Roberts to talk about her latest movie, her relationship with Sheen and how she balances her career and family.

Talking about her role in "Madea's Witness Protection" Denise says of her on-screen family, "We hide at Meda's home. We're fish out of water adapting to her and Uncle Joe, and it's nice. I love his [ Tyler Perry] movies they have a wonderful message in them and as this one does and I think it's a wonderful funny, funny film."

The 41-year-old actress also talked about working with her ex-husband, appearing on his new sitcom "Anger Management" telling Roberts, "We actually really enjoy working together, we met working and worked together when we were married. It's the first thing we did divorced so I think it's more awkward for everyone else on set watching," adding with a laugh, "During [filming] we looked around and said 'everyone is staring at us'!"

Richards cleared up rumors that she was seeing Sheen again after they were spotted at a Mets and Yankee's game explaining, "Truley we were just at the game with our kids there was nothing more than that. When they don't see us they think, you know, we're at each other, but when we're together they assume we're back together but it's for our girls and it's best for them."

As for how the busy mother of three balance her career and family time, Denise said, "My dad lives with me and he moved in with me a few years ago and he's the rock in our family he helps me when I travel and stuff so he's the best grandpa."

Check out Richards' entire interview with Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America".