David Beckham: Snoop Dogg's Go-To-Guy

Posted Thursday May 26, 2011 2:41 PM GMT

Readying himself to make the trek overseas, David Beckham was spotted at Heathrow Airprort just before hopping a flight from London to Los Angeles earlier today (May 26).

The 36-year-old soccer stud sported a casual look as he boarded the outbound plane, wearing black hat, black jacket, white t-shirt, and khaki pants.

In related news, David is reportedly Snoop Dogg's go-to guy before releasing any new material, as the rapper told in a recent interview, "When I make my records, he’s one of the first people I send the record to before it’s done, even before the label get it."

Snoop continued, "He’s a great father, a great husband and a great friend, I love our friendship and some people in life just come together for some odd reason. Me and him came together on one night and we just became friends and we’ve just been friends ever since."

Photo Credit: FlynetOnline.com