David Arquette to Howard Stern: "I'm Drinking Again"

Posted Monday August 19, 2013 6:14 PM GMT

Joining a long list of celebrities who have battled substance abuse issues, David Arquette revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that he is no longer sober.

After two years and four months of clean living, the "Scream" star admitted, "I'm drinking again... I'm a drinker. I drink a lot."

Reluctant to speak about the details of his imbibing, David expressed concerns of cruel reactions to his sharing, though he did say that he has gotten "out of control."

Asked how ex-wife Courtney Cox has reacted, Mr. Arquette assured, "Courteney’s super cool. Everybody’s getting along and understanding. We’re being kind and loving to each other.”

However, the 41-year-old actor is hopeful, telling the "America's Got Talent" judge, "I got my own problems, yes, and I will sort them out. I go to a therapist. I really am working on myself." Check out a clip of the interview below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images