Will "The Dark Knight Rises" Tragedy Chill the "Man of Steel"?

Posted Sunday August 5, 2012 1:28 PM GMT

Hoping to capitalize on the success of recent superhero movies, the newest adaptation of the Superman story "Man of Steel" may lose momentum with the recent tragedy that unfolded during "The Dark Knight Rises" opening.

The American icon has been plagued with box office failure since Christopher Reeve put down his cape in 1978, unlike the slew of popular Batman flicks that have come since. The newly released teaser trailer for the new movie was buried beneath news of the horrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Die-hard fans, however, won't let the senseless act dampen their enthusiasm for the superhero. Neil A. Cole, editor and publisher of SupermanSuperSite.com reasoned, "By not going to see [Man of Steel], you're almost giving more credibility and power to this individual that caused this entire tragedy. You're basically taking a stand: 'I'm not gonna give you that power over me and give any credibility to you.'"

Box Office Guru's Gitesh Pandya added his input telling E! News,"I don't see any reason to believe that there will be any sort of direct impact next summer because of what happened in Colorado. It's too early to say. We have to see what sort of conversations come out of this over the weeks and months ahead, and whether there's any impact on the film industry—the way they complete the film, the way they market the film."

Time may heal all wounds, and Warner Bros. certainly hopes it does in this case. "Man of Steel" is set to open in June 2013.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.