From "Harry" to "Horns," Daniel Radcliffe's New Movie Has the Actor Sprouting Devilish Appendages

Posted Friday September 6, 2013 8:59 PM GMT

Arriving at the Toronto International Film Festival Friday (September 6), Daniel Radcliffe was excited to promote his new film, “Horns.” It’s a supernatural mystery, and he plays a man who’s suspected of killing his longtime girlfriend.

In the town where Radcliffe’s character lives, folks seem to have made up their mind about his guilt, especially when he begins to sprout devilish horns while the police investigate the crime.

Before long, though, the bizarre horns seem to have one interesting side effect. People around the “Harry Potter” actor suddenly seem compelled to tell him the truth--the horrible truth that they’ve never told anyone else. Just maybe, those horns of his will help him find out who really committed the murder.

“Horns” is based on a book by Joe Hill, who just happens to be the son of famed horror author Stephen King.

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