Oscar Nominated Matthew McConaughey & Jared Leto Premiere “Dallas Buyers Club” in the UK

Posted Wednesday January 29, 2014 3:40 PM GMT

While it continues to gain Oscar-buzz, the stars of “Dallas Buyers Club” stepped out to promote their flick in London this evening (January 20).

Best Actor favorite Matthew McConaughey posed with his gorgeous wife Camila Alves and joined Support Actor favorite Jared Leto for the spirited event.

In related news, the 30 Seconds to Mars singer recently chatted to the Daily Journal about his role in the flick, for which he’s won a SAG and a Golden Globe.

When asked about the discomforts of portraying Rayon, Leto said, “What I find interesting was how people treated me different. Especially because I was in character all the time. The toughest, most masculine guys were the ones that treated me the most gentle. I think that in their eyes I became a different person, and there were lots of "Right this way, ma'am," and they'd hold my hand when I got out of the van. It was very sweet to be a dainty little lady like that (laughs).”

As for staying in character during the shoot, Jared explained, “Yes, I did. How could you not? How could you leave that beautiful creature? But, yeah, it was part of the process. I've done that many times, but not on all films. But in this one there were so many characteristics, so many attributes that were so far away from where I live my daily life. Even if you just talk about the voices and the mannerisms, every time the camera cut, I couldn't just drop all that, and then every time they said action, pick it back up and remember everything. So I just chose to be there.”

Photo Credit: Wenn.com