Conan O’Brien Spoofs Kardashian Christmas Card: Watch Here!

Posted Wednesday December 4, 2013 9:55 AM GMT

They’ve always put out a family Christmas card, but this year the Kardashian’s holiday mailing is a bit on the bizarre side.

And Conan O’Brien did a little photoshopping to make it seem as though the card has a hidden message when folded together.

During last night’s “Conan,” the crimson-haired host began, “The Kardashians came out with their Christmas Card yesterday. And I guess they come out with it every year, and this year they came out with a particularly unusual one.”

“It’s very artistic and… we got one right here. This is it. We didn’t make this up or anything,” he continued, pulling up a large poster-sized card to display on his desk.

“There’s Kim over here, you can see Kim is there standing on a stairway, and Bruce Jenner is in a tube and no one knows why.”

From there, O’Brien folded the card over onto itself to show the obviously-doctored image actually spells out “We Suck.”

Andy Richter piped in,“Now I’m gonna have to change my Christmas cards because mine say that I suck.” Conan replied, “Yours say that every year.”

Photo Credit: TBS