Dan Harmon Released from "Community"

Posted Saturday May 19, 2012 2:30 PM GMT

Fans of NBC’s “Community” received bad news when word spread that the show’s creator Dan Harmon will not be part of developing its next and final season.

According to a report from TMZ, Sony Pictures television has decided not to renew his contract after he battled with the studio and the show’s star Chevy Chase.

Harmon took to his blog to share that he heard about the saddening new the same way everyone else did, via a press release.

He wrote, "Do not believe anyone that tells you on Monday that I quit or diminished my role so I could spend more time with my loved ones, or that I negotiated and we couldn’t come to an agreement, etc. It couldn’t be less true because, just to make this clear, literally nobody called me."

NBC was not sure if it would renew its comedy that follows a group of friends attending community college. The network ultimately decided to renew it for a fourth and final 13-episode season and has moved it from Thursday to Friday nights.

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