“Community” Teases G.I. Joe Homage Episode Preview: Watch Here!

Posted Thursday March 27, 2014 3:18 PM GMT

They love to flush the format and try new things, and the producers of “Community” are gearing up for a new G.I. Joe-themed episode titled "G.I. Jeff" to air on April 3rd.

During their PaleyFest 2014 panel, creator/executive producer Dan Harmon shared a clip of a cartoon PSA featuring Gillian Jacobs as “Buzzkill” and Danny Pudi as “Fourth Wall.”

When Buzzkill comes upon two boys spray painting a rock she warns them to stop wasting paint and trying to be rebellious.

Then Fourth Wall jumps in- “A good syndicated cartoon has a lesson at the end. But getting heavy-handed or preachy could turn an entire generation into jaded sarcastic babies… Graffiti is bad. Go play sports.”

Buzzkill objects, “I was trying to hold them to a higher standard. If the media tells kids what to think, all they’ll know is…” before Fourth Wall jumps in, “And knowing is half the battle!”

Photo Credit: NBC