“Community” Renewed By Yahoo for Season Six

Posted Tuesday July 1, 2014 10:33 AM GMT

With a history that includes a cancellation followed by a fan-initiated revival, “Community” has always been a network television outlier.

As of now, the forthcoming sixth season of the program has been saved at the 11th hour by none other than Yahoo.

Creator Dan Harmon told press, “I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a large audience by moving it online. I vow to dominate our new competition. Rest easy, Big Bang Theory. Look out, Bang Bus!”

Joel McHale previously speculated as to the future of his beloved series- “The questions about the show are still coming. I know that the fans are still there. We all really like each other. I know the show is really good if I do say so myself. I've been in many crappy shows but this isn't one of them. We did well in the ratings.”

And after the announcement was made, McHale declared, “Thank you Sony. Thank you Yahoo. Thank you Dan Harmon. And thank you to the greatest f%$#ing fans in the history of the human race. It’s the internet. We can swear now."

Photo Credit: NBC