Garrett Hedlund Says Kristen Stewart is "Fantastic"

Posted Saturday July 24, 2010 2:31 PM GMT

It’s no secret she’s become one of the most beloved actresses of her time, and her “On the Road” co-star, Garrett Hedlund, can vouch for that.

During Friday’s (July 23) MTV News and MySpace’s live stream at Comic-Con, Hedlund opened up about "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart, telling, "She's got it all there. She's where she needs to be. She's fantastic.”

On the flip side, the Bella Swan actress also had nothing but nice things to say about Garrett. She told press, "I've met him a bunch of times, and I've hung out with him twice. He's a great guy. ... He's written crazy stuff for it. He's super into it.”

“On the Road,” which will be out sometime in 2011, involves a young man who sets out to travel the roads and railways of America.

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