Colin Farrell Drops By the "Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Posted Sunday October 7, 2012 3:18 PM GMT

Turning up the heat for the audience of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Colin Farrell talked about his love of sweating.

Getting personal with the TV hostess, the "Total Recall" actor explained, "I love sweating. I love sweating.  I’m shooting up in Simi Valley and it’s been hot. It’s been 104,5,6 degrees everyday and... it’s a period piece.  I'm wearing a three-piece woollen suit and delightfully long underwear for a man."

When asked about his new love of New York Turkish bathhouses, he added, "You can sweat out the toxins, it feels kind of primal."

When the affable Ellen suggested infrared saunas, the 36-year-old actor shook his head, saying, "They are better than the infrared saunas, they offer deeper penetration," resulting in giggles from the gaggle of females in the crowd. Watch the video of Ellen's interview with Colin below.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.