Cody Simpson Jokes about Kylie Jenner Break-Up on "Hello Ross"

Posted Friday April 4, 2014 7:03 PM GMT

Bringing his shuffle and dance to "Hello Ross," Cody Simpson spilled the beans about his dating life.

Welcomed by his friendly host, the Youtube star-turned pop sensation came on stage, cheered on by screaming fans, and beginning by describing his time on "Dancing with the Stars" and his upstart popularity, saying, "It was a lot to adjust to at first, you know what I mean, I had not experienced anything like that in my life."

But Ross broke in, telling Cody, "But it's got to be difficult when you're dating, and I know, I know, I know that you dated Kylie Jenner who was just sitting here a couple weeks ago!"

Currently dating model Gigi Hadid, the 17-year-old Aussie said his relationship with Kylie wasn't meant to last, as his name was on the line! Check out the video below for the full interview!