“Cloud Atlas” Gets Butchered for Chinese Market

Posted Friday January 25, 2013 11:05 AM GMT

While pretty much anything goes here in America when it comes to movies, the Chinese government is much more strict and they’ve demanded massive edits to “Cloud Atlas” before it hits theaters in the communist country.

Originally a 172-minute production, the newly-revised edition of the Halle Berry and Tom Hanks flick will now run 134 minutes, having lost both gay and straight love scenes.

One movie fan declared, "The 172-minute version can be downloaded online ... so I am sure some people will prefer that to going to the cinema."

Meanwhile, a Chinese journalist noted that “Skyfall” was hacked up as well. "Even these kinds of movies are getting censored, for what? What kind of era do we live in today! Still want to control people's minds?"