Clay Aiken Fights With Female Passenger

Posted Monday July 9, 2007 1:05 PM GMT

American Idol alum Clay Aiken was involved in a dispute with a woman during a flight to Tulsa over the weekend. The altercation, surprising Claymates around the world, even drew the scrutiny of FBI agents.

According to press reports, "Aiken was on a Saturday morning flight for an evening show, and concertgoers said that night he joked onstage about being beaten up by a girl earlier in the day."

When the situation was looked into more carefully, press got an FBI agent to confirm that there was a dispute between "a former Idol contestant and a woman."

The agent also noted that the whole incident started because Aiken had his foot resting on the girl's armrest. Angered by the sprawling redhead, the woman then gave Clay a "minor shove," according to Aiken's report to security.

Meanwhile, no charges have been filed. And it appears that this whole little run-in will fade into an embarrassing moment in the life of Clay Aiken.