Claire Danes' Challenging "Homeland" Workday

Posted Thursday June 28, 2012 12:45 PM GMT

Hard at work on one of her more “exhausting” roles, Claire Danes kicked off the week on the Charlotte, North Carolina set of her Showtime series “Homeland” on Monday (June 25).

The beautiful blonde actress looked professional for her role as a CIA agent in an all-navy ensemble, complete with heels that she could be seen running through the streets in.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Danes admitted that she was “apprehensive” to accept her role as Carrie in the series, saying, “The pitch she's on is so high, and to maintain that hyper-vigilance is exhausting. But it's fun. I like her - she's smarter than I am, and definitely more bad-ass than I am. It's fun to wear her cape."

Though the 33-year-old is happy with her choice, she dished that there are still times when it can be tough, explaining, "The good thing is that Carrie's under pressure a lot of the time, so if I'm under pressure it's useful. But still, there are times when I just want to jab a pencil through my ear."

Season two of “Homeland” will premiere September 30 at 10pm et/pt on Showtime.

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