Cindy Crawford's Daughter "Stole Everything" From Her

Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012 4:54 PM GMT

Making a run to the pharmacy, Cindy Crawford was all smiles as she made her way past the shutterbugs in Beverly Hills, California on Monday (March 26).

Although we haven't been seeing much of the supermodel turned businesswoman on the covers of magazines, the mother of two recently opened up to Parade about balancing her career, being a mom and her daughter Kaia's modeling career.

Cindy was able to sit in during her 10-year-old's photo shoot with Versace, in which the stunning resemblance between the two was evident.

“Other people see more of me in her than I do, but I just see her." Cindy told Parade, "I always tease her that she stole everything from me. I’m like, ‘You have my old legs and I want them back!’”

Admitting she still gets a rush whenever the camera is aimed her way, Crawford revealed, "The thing that I love most about modeling is really the rapport with the photographer and the team and creating exciting images. It's about working as a team. It’s also about communication. A picture tells a story and I think that’s what I really respond to. Maybe the story I’m telling now at 46 is different than it was at 25, but it’s still a form of communication.”

After 46 years, Cindy is still astonishingly beautiful. When asked about her beauty secrets, she said, “The secret is there is no secret. I wish there was a magic pill. I work out, I eat right most of the time, I try to get the right amount of sleep, I don’t smoke, and I’m not a party girl. I think all those things add up over time.”

Photo Credit: GinsburgSpaly

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