Christina Hendricks: Men Fall Off of Bikes Staring At Me!

Posted Tuesday April 8, 2014 3:33 PM GMT

She’s the consummate curvy starlet and Christina Hendricks can’t help but cause commotion wherever she goes.

Last night (April 7) on Conan, the “Mad Men” actress shared that while she doesn’t consider herself a stunner, there was an awkward scenario back in the day in which a bicycling gawker ended up on the pavement.

Host Conan O’Brien observed, "Men act kind of kooky around you. I completely understand it. You're a very mesmerizing presence, and I'm betting that your experience is that men act kind of silly and dopey around you. Is that true?"

Hendricks replied, "I don't think so. I don't know,” to which Conan persisted, “You seem like someone if you were just walking down the street that guys would just not be paying attention to what they were doing. Do you know what I mean? That's the sense that I get. That's what I would be doing if I saw you walking down the street and I didn't know you. I would lose my mind a little bit."

Finally Christina conceded, "I had one incident, but this was years ago. It was summer and I'd just gone out and bought this little wispy, white summer dress, and I was going out to meet my friends at a British pub, and my friend Louis was waiting for me outside. This guy was riding a bike by and he starts staring at me. Louis is watching it from a distance and he said the whole thing went in slow-mo. The guy just hit the curb and flew off his bike into the street. But this was one incident!"

O’Brien declared, "I think that was the one you saw. I think you're not paying attention!" to which the crimson-haired cutie replied, "You're being very nice.”

However, Conan wasn’t so nice when Christina shared her plan to ditch the red hair once her AMC gig is done. "I have been this color now probably 20 years and I was actually thinking at the end of Mad Men, maybe going a little bit blonder. Maybe sort of like you are now—still red!" O’Brien protested, and Hendricks clarified, “I'm not leaving! I promise you. I would never."

Photo Credit: TBS