Christina Aguilera Talks "The Voice" Departure on "The Tonight Show"

Posted Saturday September 29, 2012 1:26 AM GMT

Closing out the another busy work week with a late night television appearance, Christina Aguilera was among the lineup of stars visiting "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Friday (September 28).

The 31-year-old looked fabulous as she took the NBC Studios stage in Burbank to promote both her hit Fox competition series, "The Voice," and her upcoming album "Lotus," which us set for a November 13th release date.

Talking about the disc's title, Aguilera explained that it represents “the unbreakable flower that withstands the test of time. Through the harshest of weather conditions and tough surroundings, it thrives and survive."

As for her small screen doings, Christina was asked by Jay whether reports telling that she won't be returning to her coaching role next season are accurate.

In response, the "Your Body" songstress said, "Yeah, its important. I think what makes the show really special and why people appreciate it is that the four of us are artists and we have to go out there and, you know, experience our fans, you know, do our shows, record our records and be artists ourselves so that we can be great coaches," adding, "So, it's important for me to take a moment, especially since now it is back to back seasons, like twice a year.... fortunately they understood and they've been supportive. So, I'm taking a little break and going out on the road for a minute and getting back to me as an artist."

As a followup, Leno queried, "So you'll be back? You're just off for a season or so?"

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I mean, I love doing the show," Aguilera replied. "But I've got to keep it fresh and, you know, I have to fulfill my creative soul."

Photo Credit: Getty Images