Christian Bale is a Real-Life Superhero as He Calls Cancer Patient

Posted Thursday January 24, 2013 11:00 AM GMT

While things are tough for leukemia patient Zach Guillot these days, his recent conversation with Christian Bale definitely brightened up his day.

The “Dark Knight Rises” hunk phoned the 8-year-old boy, who boasted that he had a cardboard Batmobile and authentic Batman suit.

Bale exclaimed, “That sounds fantastic. You know what? I had to give mine back. They wouldn't let me keep mine. You're lucky you get to have one and run around and tell people you are Batman."

Christian also explained “The whole point of the movie is that anybody can be Batman. Anybody can be as strong as that, and help people and put good out into the world."

"It makes us all so happy, so thank you for doing that for us. Thanks for carrying the torch and keepin' on playing Batman, OK?" he added.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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