Chris Evans Jets Into JFK Airport

Posted Monday March 31, 2014 2:18 PM GMT

He’s always on the go, and Chris Evans showed up at JFK International Airport in New York City on Sunday night (March 30) ahead of a busy week in Manhattan.

The “Nanny Diaries” hunk looked handsome as he greeted fans and scurried through the terminal, on his way to promote his new film “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which hits theaters on Friday, April 4th.

Evans told press that there’s plenty of high-energy action in the new flick, including a few intense fight scenes that left him pretty banged up.

“I’m not wearing the mask so there really isn’t a lot of opportunity to let a stunt man come in. If you grab someone and you have to throw them, that takes a lot of strength and energy. And if some guy has you around the neck and you’re whipping elbows and trying to throw knees, you’re going to sustain injuries. You go home beat up and bruised.”

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