Chloe Moretz's "Kick Ass" Canadian Weekend

Posted Sunday September 16, 2012 1:45 PM GMT

Hard at work on her latest gig, Chloe Moretz was busy filming footage for “Kick Ass 2” at a local high school in Hamilton, Canada on Saturday (September 15).

The 15-year-old actress looked schoolgirl stylish for her new role while wearing skinny tan pants, a leather jacket and a backpack as she made her way around the set.

Looking forward to the workday ahead, Miss Moretz took to her Twitter page prior to hopping in front of the cameras, as she wrote, “Good Morning #Toronto :) #Day2 of #KickAss2.”

The follow-up to the Jeff Wadlow directed comedy focuses on the costumed high-school hero Kick-Ass, who joins with a group of normal citizens who've been inspired to fight crime in costume. Meanwhile, the Red Mist plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone Kick-Ass knows.

Also starring Jim Carrey and Nicolas Cage, "Kick-Ass 2" is set to hit theaters on June 28, 2013.