Sandra Bullock Bullies Chelsea Handler in the Nude: Watch Now!

Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012 10:10 AM GMT

“Chelsea Lately” was chock full of goodness last night, as Sandra Bullock showed up in the episode’s opening comedy sketch.

The “While You Were Sleeping” actress appeared naked in a shower room with host Chelsea Handler and began hurling verbal insults.

Chelsea began, “Hi, Sandra,” to which Bullock replied, “Sandy.” Handler continued, “Hi, Sandy,” and Sandra fired back, “For friends and industry insiders it’s Sandy. You might just want to call me Sandra.”

Confused, Handler declared, "Well, you just told me to call you Sandy, so. . ." Bullock replied, “Don't worry about what I just said, okay? What you need to worry about is pulling your sh-t together with this fancy new stage that you have which I think is a sham. First of all, stop calling yourself the white Oprah."

Chelsea answered, "I never called myself the white Oprah. I was misquoted in Serbian Vogue,” but Sandra was undeterred. “You have a responsibility to be a respectable talk show host. This comes directly from Oprah's mouth, to my ear, to my mouth, out of my mouth, into your ear, down your body, out your vagina, up my vagina, out my ass. The theme of this message is that you are a huge disappointment. You have a responsibility to be a role model -- a role model to young girls and gay and questioning youth. And you need to lay off the booze. Lay off the booze. Lay off the booze!"

Watch the rest of the interaction below!

Photo Credit: E! Online