Chaz Bono Says “Good Morning America”

Posted Tuesday May 10, 2011 9:51 AM GMT

He’s out promoting his new book “Transition,” and this morning (May 10) Chaz Bono was spotted arriving at “Good Morning America.”

The transgender man stepped out of a chauffeured car, looking snazzy in a baby blue button-up shirt with black trousers.

In his book, Chaz describes his journey from being a disenchanted lesbian to thinking that he was supposed to be a man.

Bono writes, “Over time, it began to dawn on me that though embodied as a female, I was not a woman at all. That despite my breasts, my curves, and my female genitalia, inside, I identified as a man. This meant, of course, that I was transgender, literally a man living in a woman's body. I have always felt more comfortable wearing boys' and men's clothes. Without a doubt, as a child I thought of myself as a boy. But the process of coming to terms with the reality that I am in fact transgender was horrific. It upended my entire life.”

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