"Tonight Show" Favorite David Brenner Dies

Posted Sunday March 16, 2014 9:25 AM GMT

Keeping his sense of humor going until the end, David Brenner died on Saturday evening at the age of 78 after battling cancer (March 15).

According to his rep, Jeff Abraham, "Brenner died peacefully at his home in NYC surrounded by his family at his side. David is survived by his wife, Ruth, his three sons, Cole, Wyatt, Slade and his grandson, Wesley."

The comedian was famous for his many appearances on "The Tonight Show," beginning in 1962 with Johnny Carson.

As a final request, the funny man asked that one hundred dollars in small bills be placed in his left sock "just in case tipping is recommended where I'm going." His gravesite will read, "If this is supposed to be a joke - then I don't get it!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images