TJ Jackson Named Guardian of the Jackson Children After Katherine Reportedly "Drugged"

Posted Wednesday July 25, 2012 6:20 PM GMT

As the continuing Jackson estate war rages, Michael Jackson's children may soon get some stability. An emergency hearing was held today to determine temporary guardianship of the King of Pop's three children, Prince (15), Paris (14), and Blanket (10) and TJ Jackson, son of Tito, and nephew of the children's father was named temporary guardian (July 25).

L.A. Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff granted TJ's petition and stated at the hearing, " This is not a power play by TJ Jackson. This is based on the allegation that Katherine Jackson is being prevented from acting as guardian."

The 34-year-old's lawyer, Charles A. Schultz explained the sudden move stating, "There's immediate harm to the minor children, there was a potential abduction at the house, in addition to a phone call from Katherine last night that gave us real concern. We are looking at this as a Band-Aid until Miss Jackson returns or re-establishes contact with the kids."

The Judge also ruled that Debbie Rowe, biological mother of "at least some of the kids" and singer Diana Ross, who was named successor guardian in Micheal's will, also be notified.

With the guardianship power, TJ also has the authority to hire and fire any staff members at the residence.

On Monday (July 23) the new guardian tweeted, "@ParisJackson I know it's completely unfair for them to do this to you and your brothers. We will keep trying. I love you."

Today, the vocal 14-year-old daughter tweeted her frustration : "everyones taking control of me , it seems that the worlds got a role for me .. im so confused will u show to me you'll be there for me," borrowing words from her father's song "Will You Be There."

In related news, it appears that Katherine Jackson is reportedly being drugged by family members. According to a report by TMZ, during odd-sounding calls, the 84-year-old demanded that her security team be fired and replaced with Janet Jackson’s bodyguards. She allegedly also said she wanted Trent Jackson booted from the premises.

“The prevailing view is that Randy and company have drugged their mom,” says TMZ. Katherine is expected back at her California home later today.

Photo Credit: Getty Images