Snooki on Miley Cyrus: She's Me Three Years Ago

Posted Wednesday December 4, 2013 8:30 PM GMT

She's a polarizing personality in the world of celebs, but Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has firmly planted herself on Team Miley, imagining if they were best friends.

Entitled, "My Holiday Present for Miley Cyrus!," the "Jersey Shore" star begins in her Celebuzz video, "So for Miley Cyrus, I feel like I would get her a lot of Christmas presents that would involve vibrators and some sex toys...and like, go to like a stripper store and buy, like, really hot stripper outfits because she loves being naked and I love seeing her naked because ya know, she's hot!"

Continuing to gush, she adds, "I would also buy her a best friends bracelet because I feel like we would be best friends. Like, even though she's like crazy and a party girl...She's me, basically three years ago. So maybe, when she's, like, older like me, then she could be like me."

Check out the pint-sized guidette's ode to Miley in the video below, in which Snooks also admits she loves her and supports her "having fun."

Photo Credit: Getty Images