Roseanne Barr Rails Against the Treatment of Women in Hollywood, Oprah, and Gluten-Free Foods on Twitter

Posted Sunday December 1, 2013 5:49 PM GMT

She's never been one to display an overabundance of restraint, but on Saturday (November 30), Roseanne Barr unleashed a particularly lengthy rant on how women are treated in Hollywood.

To begin, the foul-mouthed comedian tweeted, "The women in hollywood cannot fall to their knees to suck d*ck fast enough."

Making a vow to the Twitterverse, she continued, "I'm never going to work in television again. I'm never going to even attempt it. I feel as if I've been insulted/assaulted for over a year. actually, for many years-from my first reality show to my second and two failed development deals. Don't call me-I won't call you. I'm gone."

Fed up, the former sitcom star wrote, "I don't have the emotional stability to withstand being manipulated and lied to anymore-now that I'm old." Faced with some negative comments, she fired back, "newsflash: Yes, I do have mental health issues. Decent ppl refrain from bullying, lying to, manipulating & taking advantage of ppl like me."

Railing against GMOs and liars, Roseanne also took aim at Oprah, writing, "she is NOT a good person to work for. seriously narcissistic, absent. She hangs out w retards all day who kiss her fat ass!"

Sticking up for a colleague, the 61-year-old actress tweeted, "no wonder alex baldwin calls ppl names and sh*t-he shld lay off gays and go for morons tho." Stay linked to GossipCenter to see if the drama continues.

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