Olivia Wilde & Elizabeth Banks Team Up for ObamaCare

Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014 4:33 PM GMT

With the deadline date to register for Obamacare quickly approaching, A-list celebs are now stepping out to help to get young American's educated and enrolled in the new healthcare system as soon as possible.

The "Tell a Friend - Get Covered" campaign teamed up with Funny or Die and YouTube to help produce a live, six-hour show on Thursday (January 16th) featuring skits and educational segments to help inform views of their health care options.

Among those confirmed to be making a special appearance to the event are Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks.

In addition, a video featuring "Whose Line Is It Anyway" host Aisha Tyler will be released on Tuesday (January 14) as part of the campaign to help encourage young adults to sign up for the health care.

The news of the events comes just after Monday's enrollment report revealed that young, healthy Americans are wishing to seek coverage that is a much lower rate than President Barack Obama's administration originally estimated and only a quarter of the 2.2 million Americans already signed up for Obamacare are between the ages of 18 and 34.

President Obama's administration hopes to have young Americans in that age range to at least take up 38 percent of the plan.

Photo Credit: Getty Images