Kristen Johnston Discovers She Has Rare Autoimmune Disorder

Posted Wednesday December 18, 2013 11:43 PM GMT

After beating serious alcoholism, Kristen Johnston recognized that her problems ran much deeper when she found herself "almost completely unable to move."

The "Bride Wars" babe went to 17 different doctors for more than four months, and has now been diagnosed with "a rare autoimmune disorder."

"It's time for me to be upfront with you about something that's been going on with me," she wrote on her Facebook page, adding, "My immune system has decided to go rogue [and] attack my muscles."

The "30 Rock" star added that she has been "really, really sick" since the beginning of September, and that she has been suffering from full body muscle weakness that made walking difficult, saying that, "stairs [were] impossible and I even need a neck brace to hold my head up."

According to her post, Johnson is on the mend after she spent two weeks with doctors at the Mayo Clinic. Best of luck to Kristen!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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