Justin Timberlake & Aaron Paul: Twitter Bromance in the Works!

Posted Friday June 6, 2014 12:18 PM GMT

They’re both men at the top of their game, so it’s no wonder Justin Timberlake and Aaron Paul are all about hanging out together.

On Thursday morning (June 5) the “Cry Me A River” crooner took to his Twitter account with a message referencing Paul’s “Breaking Bad” character.

JT wrote, "Question: Does anyone else legitimately miss Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? It can't just be me, right?"

Aaron quickly replied, "I miss you too man. We should hangout and eat some pizza,” to which Timberlake answered with a pizza prep Vine video.

Apparently Justin’s clip did the trick, as Paul gushed, “Can I be honest? I think I may love that pizza in an emotional way." Timberlake fired back, "Right?? It's criminal. #Pizza4Ever."

And when fans began questioning what the heck was going on, Justin declared, "Two grown men can't talk about pizza via twitter?? Are you American?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images