Isaac Hanson Welcomes First Daughter

Posted Saturday March 22, 2014 1:40 PM GMT

Having grown up as a trio with his younger brothers, Isaac Hanson was overjoyed to welcome his third child on Tuesday (March 11).

According to People magazine, the musician and wife Nikki brought baby girl Nina Odette into the world at 7lbs, 15oz, as the only girl of the bunch.

Little Nina joins Clark Everett and James Monroe, who are 7 and 5yrs old. In an interview with People, the 33-year-old explains, "After more than five years of not having a baby in the house, having our first little girl is going to be fun. I know that Everett and Monroe are excited about being big brothers."

Isaac's trio will have plenty of playmates. Thanks to his brothers, the siblings already have eight cousins.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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