Cheyenne Jackson: Engaged to Jason Landau!

Posted Thursday February 6, 2014 12:40 PM GMT

He ended his union with husband of two years Monte Lapka last summer, and now Cheyenne Jackson revealed he's already planning to move on and remarry.

On Thursday (February 6), the "Flight 93" star announced his engagement to entrepreneur Jason Landau, just six months after his divorce.

Jackson's rep stated, "Cheyenne Jackson and entrepreneur Jason Landau are pleased to happily confirm that they are engaged."

On Wednesday (February 5), Cheyenne took to his Twitter account and posted a pic of moon above some trees, and quoted lyrics from "Ever After" by Into the Woods: "To be happy, and forever You must see your wish come true...Don't be careful, Don't be clever, When you see your wish, pursue."

The happy couple reportedly began to date just a month after 38-year-old actor split with his longtime partner for being unable to work things out.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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