Celebrities React to the State of the Union Address

Posted Wednesday January 29, 2014 12:30 AM GMT

He is the Commander-in-Chief, and on Tuesday night (January 28) all eyes were on President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address.

Just as people all over the country took to social media to share their opinions, celebrities were eager to share their reviews of the speech as well. Check out what the stars had to say on Twitter below!

Bethenny Frankel: "I love that #President @BarackObama recognized First Lady @MichelleObama's achievements. Childhood obesity can be prevented #SOTU @letsmove"

Jenny McCarthy: "Equal pay for equal work. Screw juanuary It's obamauary."

Mario Lopez: "Seriously... How did Boehner get that tan in the Polar Vortex? Did he fall asleep on some beach??"

Aubrey Plaza: "HAVING SO MUCH FUN AT THE #stateoftheunionaddressiswear !!!!'nnn @billyeichner is RUINING IT FOR ME"

Mia Farrow: "I loved the speech. Loved it."

Ronan Farrow: "Standing ovation for Michelle Obama, even without the bangs."

Katie Couric: "Watching #SOTU - these real life examples are very compelling and effective. Are you watching?"

Carson Daly: "Watching the #stateoftheunion on http://CNN.com #POTUS is just starting to talk - is this live? Did it take him 18 mins to walk in?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images