Celebrities React to 4.7-Magnitude Los Angeles Earthquake

Posted Monday March 17, 2014 9:52 AM GMT

While there are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (usually involving alcohol), the residents in and around Los Angeles woke up to a ground-shaking event this morning (March 17).

According to the USGS, a 4.7-magnitude earthquake emanated from the Westwood epicenter at 6:25am and plenty of stars were caught off-guard.

Julianne Hough tweeted, “Holy earthquake!!!!!! Omg!!!!!” while Patton Oswalt seemed less concerned- “Wheeeee! #earthquake… Well, since we’re all awake, what’d you guys think of GIRLS last night?”

Always quick with the facts, Ryan Seacrest posted, “earthquake. 4.7 out of Westwood,” while Chelsea Peretti flipped out- “THAT WAS SCARY AS F*CK.”

“Frozen” actor Josh Gad declared, “Okay, that was intense. Just shook me out of bed. #earthquake,” and Gracie Dzienny posted, “Definitely woke up letting out a horror movie scream during the earthquake. #abitshakenup.”

Check out more celebrity #earthquake tweets below:

Kendall Jenner
"everyone ok? because I'm still shaking"

Evan Rachel Wood
"My house shook like when the jet engine falls on donnie darko. Grabbed my baby and hid under a doorway till it was over."

Andy Richter
"All right, sure, I was on the toilet when it happened, but I in no way caused that quake to happen! So stop calling the house!"

Ali Fedotowsky
“An earthquake just shook me awake. I jumped out of bed with my pup and ran outside. It was so scary!! It was the biggest one I've ever felt!”

Cher Lloyd
“Just experienced my first earthquake here in LA. Sh** my pants!”

Paris Hilton
“OMG! Did anyone just feel that Earthquake? So scary, woke me up out of an already scary nightmare. I hate earthquakes.”

Carrie Ann Inaba
“wow…That was a big one. My poor little fur babies. When it hit, they all ran and we huddled in the door way together.”

Dianna Agron
“Not going to lie. That woke me up & that scared the sh** out of me. Can't say I've never felt an earthquake anymore...”

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
“Ok la that earthquake was scary. No more please!”

LeAnn Rimes
"HOLY HELL we just had an earthquake! #shaking”

Lucy Hale
“Natures alarm clock for me: earthquake.”

Busy Philipps
“Birdie just said about the earthquake, 'it actually might just be leprechauns.' Amazing.”

Christina Applegate
“Nice wake up earth! Geez”

Elizabeth Banks
“Earthquake! I leapt out bed to check on the kids. They slept right through it, and couldn’t have cared less.”

Emmy Rossum
"Holy earth quake”

Bella Thorne:

Kaley Cuoco:
“That was way too scary…”

Ellen Page:

Derek Hough:
“Wow !!! Just felt a huge earth Quake . Shook me almost off the bed . No joke”

Sarah Hyland
“That was a very scary earthquake. Barkley won’t come out from under the bed :(”

Amber Rose
“That earthquake just woke up our whole house. We’re ok hope everyone is good too. That was big. Well, it felt big.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images