Toni Braxton Gets Sued

Posted Wednesday August 8, 2007 2:50 PM GMT

You’d think with all their money and power that celebrities would pay their bills. But for Toni Braxton, a bad check is costing her time and money.

A wardrobe and costume designer is taking the songstress to court after she allegedly wrote him a bad check for $15,000 for work on a Las Vegas show.

The lawsuit was filed this past Friday by Anthony Franco in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Apparently Braxton agreed to pay him $35,000 for designing the entire wardrobe for a show called “Toni Braxton: Revealed.” But when the check came back with insufficient funds, he got angry.

Reportedly, Braxton put a stop payment on the check, and then gave Franco $20,000 as a consolation. There’s no word from her rep, but it looks like she’ll have to pay up when the dust settles.

Enjoy the photos of Toni performing at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.