J.R. Martinez and Diana Gonzalez-Jones: A Split for the Ages!

Posted Friday January 10, 2014 12:38 AM GMT

Just eighteen months after the birth of their baby girl, Lauryn Anabelle, J.R. Martinez and Diana Gonzalez-Jones have announced their official split.

In an interview with People, Martinez said, "Diana and I have ended our relationship. However, we are committed to working together to raise our daughter in a healthy and happy environment."

Posting a status on Facebook this past Wednesday (January 9), he wrote, "People change [it's] a part of life, but sometimes [it's] easier to hold on to the memories of who they were rather [than] to realize who they have become…"

In 2012, the Iraq War veteran talked about his daughter, and becoming a parent beside his "Dancing with the Stars" honey, saying of his daughter, "I kiss her non-stop all day long!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images