Lead Actress SAG Nominee Cate Blanchett Covers ELLE Canada January 2014

Posted Wednesday December 11, 2013 12:30 PM GMT

She just received a lead actress nod from the Screen Actors Guild and now Cate Blanchett fronts the December 2013 issue of ELLE Canada magazine.

While donning designer garb from Jason Wu and Giorgio Armani for the Jan Welters-shot spread, the "Blue Jasmine" beauty opened up about finding interesting roles and making time to raise her three sons.

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On her successful career:
"I’ve been very lucky to play iconic roles like Blanche DuBois, Lotte Kotte and Hedda Gabler onstage, but cinema is a different beast. You are not always able to influence the final results in the same way as you can in the theatre. So I’m not always interested in large roles onscreen. I’m more interested in making the space to keep experimenting as an actor. What’s important when you’re working on a film is that you want to work with a director who is going to collaborate with you or who is interested in what you can offer."

On her love for theatre:
"In theatre, you are directly engaged with your audience. You know whether a performance has connected with them or not, as you can feel their concentration ebbing and flowing, and that immediately influences the performances. In cinema, the only reference you have is the numbers. Success at the box office can be misleading, artistically speaking. Just because people show up, initially, doesn’t mean they necessarily leave the cinema having been thrilled by what they’ve experienced. You just don’t know how it’s played."

On her boys:
"Their gender is one thing, but their personalities are another thing entirely. I try to engage with who they are first and foremost, but, generally, we hope to raise them with a sense of humanity, compassion and giving back. It’s a very introspective, self-involved world in which we all live."

On her everyday life schedule:
"My daily life is a movable feast. But, generally speaking, I find retreating into domestic life incredibly calming. I like the simplicity of what some people might find mundane: school lunches, cooking, walking the dog. I have ceased running the Sydney Theatre Company [her husband, Andrew Upton, is now the sole artistic director], so it’s wonderful to do just one thing at a time."

Photo Credit: Jan Welters for ELLE Canada