GossipCenter Exclusive: Carmen Electra Dishes on "Bigger D*ck" and Finding Love

Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013 10:30 AM GMT

After releasing her up-beat dance hit “I Like it Loud” in 2012, Carmen Electra got back into the studio to create her latest single “Bigger D*ck.”

Despite its controversial title, the “Baywatch” babe assured GossipCenter that it has an uplifting message praising girl power and confidence.

When asked about the motivation behind her anthem with Mams Taylor, Carmen dished that she and many women are sick of being pushed around. “It’s about standing up for yourself and not being afraid to let go of things that aren’t working,” the 41-year-old stunner said.

“It’s a song saying I’m sick of wearing the pants,” Miss Electra added. “I don’t want to wear the pants, meet me half way!”

In addition, Carmen discussed the power of getting behind the mic, explaining, “I think music is really what you’re going through personally in different moments. And I have to say, I’ve wanted to write a song about love. Because I’m in a different place from [my past] until now, so it’s really interesting. I almost see music as a diary of your life and putting the chapters of your life together.”

And though she’s ready to write about love, Carmen is still waiting to find the perfect match. “I’m single and I’ve been dating a little bit. As of now, my whole thing is I have to love myself first. I decided that I wanted to do the work with myself first so that I can be completely ready for the right time when I meet the right person.”

Listen to Miss Electra's single below!!