No Topic is Off-Limits in Cameron Diaz's "The Body Book"

Posted Friday January 3, 2014 8:43 PM GMT

Promoting her first endeavor in the publishing industry, Cameron Diaz dedicated a section of her book, "The Body Book," to help women to love their bodies.

The 41-year-old explains why she thinks it is important for ladies to keep their vaginas "fully dressed," detailing her thoughts on pubic hair via laser hair removal.

"I hear that there's a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits," the "Holiday" hottie wrote, adding that laser hair removal is a "crazy idea" because it lasts "forever."

Cameron continued, writing, "I know you may think you'll be wearing the same style of shoes forever and the same style of jeans forever, but you won't. The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon, and all fads change, people."

Finally, she wrote, "Twenty years from now, you will still want to be presenting it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it like the gift that it is." Check out Cameron Diaz's new book, for sale, as of December 31st, 2013!

Photo Credit: Getty Images