Cameron Diaz Chats About Feeling Sexy on "GMA"

Posted Monday January 6, 2014 4:15 PM GMT

Tending to some media duties, Cameron Diaz stopped by “Good Morning America” in New York City on Monday (January 6).

During her interview, the 41-year-old actress revealed details about her new book, "The Body Book."

“I spoke to a lot of experts to compile information and the book is not an instructional book, it’s an informative book,” Miss Diaz explained. “It’s a book that gives you information about your body and the science of your body, and how it works around nutrition and fitness, the lack of and the actual well-being of your body.”

She continued, “I just feel like we -- why don't we have this information? This is information about our body. Our body is -- we're with it from beginning to end, all day long. From birth to the end of our journey. And we know nothing about it. We don't learn about it in school at all. We learn now read and write and to do arithmetic to get a job and buy food. But what is food?”

Also commenting on the cover of the book, which features not only the "Charlie's Angels" body but also other women in the inside cover, Cameron stated, "The women were so wonderful. I want people to know that this book is for them.”