Ashley Greene & Olivia Wilde's "Butter" Lovin': Watch Now!

Posted Friday September 21, 2012 1:35 PM GMT

Sure to be a favorite of the fellas, Ashley Greene and Olivia Wilde get frisky with one another in a hot scene from their movie "Butter".

The footage sees Miss Wilde channeling a prostitute while sharing a steamy smooch (and plenty more) with Miss Greene's character as a client's daughter.

Also starring Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman, the film's synpsis reads: “Butter is the story of the ambitious Laura Pickler (Garner), the self-anointed First Lady of Butter Carving. Refusing to accept that her husband (Burrell) wants to step down after his 15-year run as the ‘Iowa State Butter Carving Champion,’ and therefore end the Pickler family's reign in the spotlight, Laura takes a stab at the title herself. But her bid for glory is complicated when two unlikely contestants enter the race – one, her husband's hard-living mistress (Wilde), and the other a 10-year-old foster child named Destiny (Shahidi). Enlisting the help of her high school sweetheart, Boyd (Jackman), Laura will stop at nothing to be crowned champion, even if it means resorting to sabotage. Part political satire, part Capra-esque comedy, Butter is a story about what it means to win at all costs and against all odds.”

For those interested in seeing the motion picture in its entirety, “Butter” is already available On Demand while slated for an October 5th theatrical debut date.