Bryan Cranston Makes Broadway Debut for "All the Way" Opening Night

Posted Friday March 7, 2014 10:08 PM GMT

Striking down fans with an appearance on Broadway, Bryan Cranston attended the opening night of "All The Way" at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City today (March 7).

Showing up in a conservative charcoal suit, the "Breaking Bad" superstar looked calm and collected as he made his way inside, ready to perform his role as 36th United States president, Lyndon B. Johnson.

According to, "'All the Way' spans the first year of Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration, from taking office and leveraging his power to pass Civil Rights legislation in Congress to his landslide re-election victory."

After the show, Cranston was interviewed by a reporter, who asked, "How does it feel to make your Boradway debut in 'All the Way?'" to which the 58-year-old responded, "It's exhilarating. This has been a huge dream of mine since I started acting when I was 23 years old! You know if you believe in past lives, I must have been an awful person in the last one, because I've been treated very well in this one!"

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