Brody Jenner Celebrates 30th Birthday in Vegas

Posted Sunday August 18, 2013 3:00 PM GMT

While his half-sister celebrates her sweet 16 with family and friends, Brody Jenner celebrated his 30th birthday at the Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas on Saturday (August 17).

The former "Hills" star sported a pink Pabst Blue Ribbon T-shirt, dark pants, and black Chucks as he posed for photos outside the big bash.

Recently, the birthday boy caused a bit of a stir when he posted a photo of a bloody bluefin tuna on the deck of a fishing boat with the caption, "#successfulmission #bloodydecks #40poundbluefin."

As criticism began buzzing on social media, Brody responded with a photo of him holding the catch and the comment, "As somebody who eats fish on a regular basis, I prefer to catch my own meal in a legal and responsible manner to better appreciate the process of the fish getting to the plate. I believe that you should be able to catch/kill/process whatever you eat to remind yourself of what you're doing. I also prefer to avoid buying tuna at market because the commercial tuna fishing fleet often catch other species of fish and marine mammals in there nets in the process. With that said... Stoked on these 2 bluefin tuna!!! Good trip."

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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