Brittany Murphy’s Death: More Details Emerge

Posted Monday January 10, 2011 12:31 PM GMT

It was tragic when Brittany Murphy suddenly died last year and now police have released a new report with details about what really happened.

According to the report, "Brittany died of three causes- pneumonia, anemia and a toxic mix of prescription drugs.”

"What nobody seemed to realize was that because of other problems -- including having her period twice in one month -- she was suffering from anemia. She was losing a lot of blood; this weakens you tremendously."

"The pneumonia was filling her lungs with fluid at the same time. What was even worse was she couldn't even take care of herself that last night. She was mostly worried about her mom and her husband. Her mother had neuropathy ... her husband had become very ill ... he had at least three seizures that night."

Photo Credit: Getty Images