Britney Spears: Lip-Syncing in Sin City?!

Posted Monday December 30, 2013 10:49 AM GMT

She kicked off her two-year Las Vegas residency on Friday night (December 27) and unfortunately Britney Spears is once again the target of lip-syncing accusations.

The “Oops I Did It Again” songstress sold out the Axis Theater, but a number of fans were less-than-impressed that she allegedly didn’t sing the whole set live.

A critic from the Los Angeles Times wrote, “The singer appeared to be lip-syncing for the majority of her performance. That went for high-energy dance numbers such as ‘Womanizer’ as well as slower-paced ballads like ‘Perfume,’ for which Spears took a seat onstage.”

Additionally, one attendee tweeted, “I just watched Britney’s show & her lip sync was off by like 5 secs :(”

And an insider leaked that there’s panic over whether or not Spears’ $15 million/year gig will be worth it. “What everyone here is worried about is, once fans wake up to the fact they are being cheated, they won’t come to the show. People are going to start asking, ‘Why am I paying all this money to see Britney lip-sync?’ No one likes being exploited.”

However, the “Toxic” singer’s rep Jeff Raymond says everything is fine- “Britney is killing it in Vegas, and Caesars execs are ecstatic with the launch. The show is a major commercial success. End of story.”

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