Britney Spears Confesses Social Anxiety Struggle

Posted Monday December 23, 2013 10:10 AM GMT

She’s played for millions of fans over the course of her decade-plus pop music career, but Britney Spears still has a hard time socializing with people once she leaves the stage.

During her new E! documentary “I Am Britney Jean,” the “Toxic” songstress admits that she’s not the outgoing extrovert everyone assumes she is.

Britney notes, “I have always been kind of shy, since I was a little girl. It’s who I am to be modest, so I really can’t help it.”

But when it’s time perform, Spears goes into a different mindset altogether. “It’s almost like it’s my alter ego when I get on stage. I turn into this different person seriously. Bipolar disorder.”

Regarding her very public breakdown a few years back, she adds, “When I first started out I didn’t care what anyone thought of me, I was just happy to be there… then I started to realize there are a lot of mean things out there on the Internet. It was a very difficult time for me…I felt really alienated. They [the paparazzi] kind of eased up after I didn't come out of the house for like two years.”

And as she prepares for her two-year Las Vegas residency, Britney is aware of the pressure she puts on her own performance. “I'm very hard on myself…but that gives me the motivation in rehearsals to make it the best it can be each time.”

Photo Credit: E!